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Environmental sampling


Mckenzie McAdams SWPPP inspection

Environmental Sampling

Guaranteed accurate and professional sampling by qualified samplers.  Trained samplers are available to conduct sampling for projects locally, nationally, and worldwide.  

  • Domestic and public drinking water systems

  • Cruise ship sampling for AWTS, ballast, potable, and scrubber waters

  • NPDES, APDES, and SWPPP permit sampling

Contact us today to discuss the objectives of your project!

Emily Timm Admiralty Environmental labor

Laboratory Testing

State of Alaska certified drinking water and wastewater laboratory analyses. Admiralty Environmental, LLC is always working to expand the testing services we offer.  Click the link below for a list of laboratory analyses and methods currently available.  Contact our office if you are interested in an analysis you don't see on our list. 

mobile laboratory cruise ship testing

Certified Mobile Laboratory Services

Admiralty Environmental, LLC operates a USCG accepted/certified mobile laboratory for use in remote locations where land-based sampling options are not available.  The mobile laboratory testing can be used to satisfy:

  • USCG/State of Alaska large cruise ship continuous discharge compliance testing

  • EPA VGP initial and continuous compliance testing for medium and large cruise ships  

  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) MEPC.227(64) testing

storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) visual inspections juneau alaska

Project Management

Admiralty Environmental, LLC can work with you to design and implement projects that meet your needs and satisfy regulatory requirements. 

  • Quality Assurance Plan Preparation and Review

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Development and Site Monitoring

  • Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) production (NetDMR or other)

  • Sampling Plan Development

  • Regulatory Interface


Onsite Environmental Training

Admiralty Environmental, LLC provides training in sampling, field testing, sample handling procedures, microbiology testing, wet chemistry testing, regulatory compliance, and DMR report preparation. 

Training can include preparation of procedure manuals and completion certificates.  Training can be provided onsite or at Admiralty Environmental offices.  Contact us today for more information. 

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Support (ESA)

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Support

Admiralty Environmental staff are trained in accordance with ASTM E1527-13. Staff are available to travel to surrounding communities to conduct comprehensive site reconnaissance, conduct interviews, and review records.

Medical swabs and Sterile Transport Tubes
Overstock items for sale from the production of vial transport medium kits. Inquire for more information.

Self-Standing Sterile Transport Tube

Attached Screw Cap designed for safe storage and transport of biological materials.


Good Care sterile nasopharyngeal swab

Individually wrapped, plastic shaft and soft nylon fiber flocked into swab tip. Breakpoint at 80mm.

Sterile nasopharyngeal swab COVID-19

Puritan PurFlock Ultra Sterile Flocked Collection

Individually wrapped, polystyrene handle with large flock tip, breakpoint at 80mm.

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